BiSH is an idol group. BiSH stands for "Brand-new idol SHit".

Group Info

Group BiSH logo
BiSH logo

  • Date Created: March, 2015
  • Management Company: WACK
  • Producer: Junnosuke “JunJun” Watanabe (JxSxK) / ‎渡辺“ジュンジュン”淳之介

Active Members


Group History

BiSH was founded in March 2015.

Initially announced members were CENTCHiHiRO CHiTTiii (セントチヒロ・チッチ), MOMOKO GUMi COMPANY (モモコグミカンパニー), AiNA THE END (アイナ・ジ・エンド), HUG Mii (ハグ・ミィ) and YUKAKO LOVE DELUXE (ユカコラブデラックス).

YUKAKO LOVE DELUXE (ユカコラブデラックス) left the group before their first release, there were no live shows involving her and all already recorded songs had to be recorded again, but her parts were kept in place in the opening song Spark (スパーク) of the first BiSH indie album Brand new idol SHit.

liNGliNG and HASHiYASUME ATSUKO joined the group in August 2015. They were presented to the public during the free live TOKYO BiSH SHiNE (usually abbreviated to TBS).

On 16 May 2016, member HUG Mii announced her withdrawal from BiSH, citing family reasons as the cause. Her last performance was on 2 June.

Joining of AYUNi D was announced on 2 August 2016 and she debuted during the group event TOKY BiSH SHiNE repetition (TBS2) which took place on 24 August.

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