The Importance of Handshake Events for Japanese Idol Fans

Handshake events are an essential part of the idol fan culture

For Japanese idol fans, handshake events are a significant part of the fan experience. These events allow fans to meet their favorite idols in person and have a brief conversation with them. Although they may seem like a simple event, handshake events are an essential part of the idol fan culture. In this article, we will explore the importance of handshake events for Japanese idol fans.

The Personal Connection

One of the main reasons why handshake events are so important to fans is that they provide a personal connection with their favorite idols. Fans have the opportunity to meet their idols face-to-face, shake their hand, and have a short conversation with them. This interaction creates a bond between the fan and the idol that is difficult to replicate in any other way. It makes fans feel closer to their idols and helps to foster a sense of loyalty to the group.


Another reason why handshake events are so popular with fans is that they are often exclusive. Fans usually have to purchase a CD or other merchandise to get a ticket to the event, which creates a sense of exclusivity and makes the event feel special. In addition, some events are only open to a limited number of fans, which adds to the sense of exclusivity and makes the event even more desirable.

Unique Experiences

Handshake events can also provide fans with unique experiences that they cannot get anywhere else. For example, some events may include special activities or games that fans can participate in with their idols. Others may offer the chance to take a photo or receive a personalized message from the idol. These unique experiences create memories that fans will cherish for a long time.

Supporting the Idols

Finally, handshake events are a way for fans to show their support for their idols. By purchasing CDs or other merchandise to get a ticket to the event, fans are helping to support the idol group financially. This support is essential for the group’s continued success, and fans feel like they are contributing to something they love.


In conclusion, handshake events are an important part of the Japanese idol fan culture. They provide fans with a personal connection to their favorite idols, create a sense of exclusivity, offer unique experiences, and allow fans to show their support for the idol group. For fans, attending a handshake event can be a highlight of their idol fandom, and an experience that they will never forget.

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