liNGliNG / リンリン

liNGliNG is a member of the idol-group BiSH

Personal Info

  • Stage Name: liNGliNG / リンリン
  • BirthdayMarch 9, 1997
  • Age:
  • Height157cm
  • Years of Activity: since 2015



liNGliNG joined BiSH in summer 2015. She is “in charge for being silent” in the group, because she prefers to use as little words as possible and only if there’s no way to keep the mouth shut (though AiNA THE END said many times that when liNGliNG speaks they can have a very genuine conversation).

She always was a fan of idol groups by Hello!Project and took part in auditions but didn’t pass. For music video for song JAM every BiSH member met with one person they really like – and in case of liNGliNG it was Risa Niigaki from Morning Musume.

Risa Niigaki from Morning Musume (left) and liNGliNG from BiSH (right)

When BiSH had a concert at Nakano Sun Plaza in April 2018, liNGliNG compared it to visiting a sacred place, because it was the stage where Morning Musume once performed.

liNGliNG at Nakano Sun Plaza

Since 2018 she started modeling activities and participates in fashion photo shoots.

liNGliNG Social Accounts

liNGliNG has an account in Twitter and Instagram account.

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