Artist photo for Sakurazaka46 4th single “Samidare yo” revealed

The artist photo for the 4th single by Sakurazaka46

Sakurazaka46 published the artist photo for their 4th single “Samidare yo”.

This photo depicts all members staying in front of an artificial pinky-white tree symbolising sakura. The scene takes place in a mysterious dark place and everything seems blurred. Every member has a different pose, but all show reserved face expression.

This is not a CD jacket art, so it is still interesting how it will look like and how the mood of the artist photo will be reflected there. The group didn’t say when they will publish the jacket artworks, but we hope it will happen soon.

Additionally, the song will be preimiered on February 21 in the radio show “Recomen!” (レコメン!) hosted by group’s vice-captain Rina Matsuda and Japanese comedian Nori Otenki.

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