Hinatazaka46 revealed jacket covers for their 5th single ‘Kimi Shika Katan’

All covers of the 5th single by Hinatazaka46 "Kimi shika katan"

Hinatazaka46 (日向坂46) have revealed the jacket covers for their upcoming single Kimi Shika Katan (君しか勝たん) which set to be released on May 26.

There will be 5 versions in total – Types A, B, C, D (including CD and Bluray) and Regular Edition (CD only). All editions will have front and back covers with different members. You can see the content of different editions on their back cover. Blurays will have some extra content featuring individual members.

The center member of this single is Shiho Kato (加藤史帆), so she became the main character of the front cover of the Type A jacket.

Type A – Front
Type A – Back
Type B – Front
Type B – Back
Type C – Front
Type C – Back
Type D – Front
Type D – Back
Regular Edition – Front
Regular Edition – Back

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