New Video by PEDRO Implicitly Urges to Stay Home

It's the 4th song from the upcoming by PEDRO, a rock band led by AYUNi D from BiSH.

Japanese rock band PEDRO (solo project by AYUNi D from BiSH) released a video for their new song 生活革命 (Seikatsu Kakumei / “Revolution of Living”)

In the video it looks like AYUNi sits in front of PC and has a video chat with some friend. She smiles, speaks about something (we can’t hear it though) and even plays her bass guitar. There’re some scenes outside but they don’t feature AYUNi. During the whole video she stays home diligently socially distancing – making video calls from the kitchen or in the bed.

The song is an emotional elegy, which is a tangible contrast to the rest of the songs from the EP.

生活革命 is the 4th track from the soon to be released EP 衝動人間倶楽部 (Shoudou Ningen Kurabu / “Club of Impulse Humans”). Release date: April 29, 2020.

This EP consists of 4 songs:

  1. 感傷謳歌 (Kanshou Ouka / “Glorification of Sentimentality”)
  3. 無問題 (Mumondai / “No problem”)
  4. 生活革命 (Seikatsu Kakumei / “Revolution of Daily Life”)

So, by the moment all tracks are available at streaming services and their music videos are published on youtube. You can watch them below:

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