AYUNi D (BiSH, PEDRO) started Instagram

Member of BiSH and PEDRO AYUNi D created her account on Instagram

AYUNi D, who is an active member of the punk idol group BiSH and the founder of rock group PEDRO, created the official Instagram account. You can find it here: @ayunid_official.

The first post in the account is a gallery of 4 pictures from the stage and behind the scenes of the PEDRO’s live show in Nagoya Diamond Hall which took place on 3 September 2020.

It was an opening concert of the LIFE IS HARD TOUR, the first live show for the group in front of the public since the beginning of the corona madness in March 2020.

Well, let’s follow her and see what posts are to come!

Regarding the show form the first post, a video has been posted after the live in PEDRO twitter and it seems like the livehouse is almost empty so cheerings sound very lonely – sad consequences of strict rules regarding live performances in Japan these days: less people allowed and they are not allowed to shout…

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