Sakurazaka46 revealed the eighth 3rd gen member – Airi Taniguchi (谷口 愛季)

A little actress from Yamaguchi Prefecture

This video is a part of series by Sakurazaka46 presenting 3rd generation members. Watch previous videos here: 3rd generation teaser movieMio MatonoNagisa KojimaYuzuki NakashimaReina OdakuraItoha MukaiRiko Endo, Rika Ishimori.

Name: Airi Taniguchi (谷口 愛季)
Age: 17 yo
Birthplace: Yamaguchi

In the beggining of this vlog Airi Taniguchi visits an old bridge called Kintaikyo and remembers how she once fell into the water when playing at the enbankment when she was a child. After that she visits a shop that sells 200 kinds of ice cream, the most in Japan.

The favorite food of Airi Taniguchi is pickled plum (umeboshi). She also likes jerky, salami and ham.

When she was selected as a 3rd generation member she started to doubt whether she has what is needed to be a part of the group. But now she is going to do her best to not regret the days in front of her. It doesn’t matter at what position she will be, she will strive to be noticed by fans and to ignite their interest.

Airi Taniguchi attended an actor’s school and in the vlog she visits it to tell her teachers that she was accepted into the group.

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