Sakurazaka46 revealed the fifth 3rd gen member – Itoha Mukai (向井 純葉)

The first member from Hiroshima

This video is a part of series by Sakurazaka46 presenting 3rd generation members. Watch previous videos here: 3rd generation teaser movieMio MatonoNagisa KojimaYuzuki Nakashima, Reina Odakura.

Name: Itoha Mukai (向井 純葉)
Age: 16 yo
Birthplace: Hiroshima

In this video Itoha Mukai visits Asa Zoo in Hiroshima and looks at all different types of animals. She loves all animals because they heal the heart.

The first Sakamichi Series idol group she loved was Keyakizaka46. She loved their debut single Silent Majority from the point when she saw a commercial of this song.

Itoha Mukai says that she still doesn’t fully realize that she was selected as a 3rd generation member and cannot imagine what awaits ahead, but she believes that everything will be okay, because Sakurazaka46 fans are all nice people. It was her dream to become a part of the group so she feels more anticipation than worry.

She also demonstrates her papercut art. She started doing cutout pictures in junior high school because she wasn’t good at drawing, but with cutout pictures it doesn’t matter.

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