Sakurazaka46 revealed the first 3rd gen member – Mio Matono (的野 美青)

This time members are introduced in vlog style videos

Yesterday Sakurazaka46 published a teaser movie of the 3rd generation members and today they already revealed the first of those members. The video is made in a vlog style.

Name: Mio Matono (的野美青)
Age: 16 yo
Birthplace: Fukuoka

In this video Mio Matano is visiting Hakata Station in Fukuoka and introduces herself. Hakata Station is a special place for her because she watched there the winter illumination every year and also visited this station on her way from school.

Mio Matano loves drawing illustrations. She started drawing in the 2nd class of junior high school. At that time she didn’t attend any after school clubs and had no hobbies, but she realized that she loved arts classes very much so she decided to draw.

Illustrations by Mio Matano:

She loves her friend, salmon and salted salmon roe. She visited many places which serve salmon and salted salmon roe together with her friend and they ate a lot.

She was a very shy child and couldn’t communicate well, it was hard for her to be assertive and proactive. But in junior school she heared a song “Silent Majority” by Keyakizaka46, became interested in the group and soon noticed that her attitued changed to very positive.

Mio Matano chose a yojijukugo (Japanese proverb-like sentences consisting of 4 characters) “shoshikantetsu” (初志貫徹) as her motto for the future. This sentence means “carrying out one’s original intention”, in other words, do everything you can to achieve what you wanted to achieve at the start even if a lot of hurdles arise.

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