Sakurazaka46 revealed the fourth 3rd gen member – Reina Odakura (小田倉 麗奈)

She plays violin and watches stars

Sakurazaka46 continues the series of vlogs which introduce 3rd generation members. Watch previous videos: 3rd generation teaser movieMio MatonoNagisa Kojima, Yuzuki Nakashima.

Name: Reina Odakura (小田倉 麗奈)
Age: 18 yo
Birthplace: Tokyo

Reina Odakura studied how to play violin for a short period of time when she was in the junior high school. She demonstrates her skill.

She visited astronomical observatory in Gunma Pefecture with the biggest telescope in Kanto Area. One of her goals for this visit was looking for Canis Minor constellation, because it looks like two moles on her left cheek. She got interested in astronomy when she heard from her extra classes teacher that the Sun is just a small star and there are other stars which are million times bigger.

In observatory, Reina Odakura looked at Betelgeuse, Saturn and Jupiter. She found Canis Minor in the night sky by herself. Her goal as an idol is to shine bright like these stars.

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