Sakurazaka46 revealed the nineth 3rd gen member – Miu Murayama (村山 美羽)

Sakurazaka46 fan becomes a member

This video is a part of series by Sakurazaka46 presenting 3rd generation members. Watch previous videos here: 3rd generation teaser movieMio MatonoNagisa KojimaYuzuki NakashimaReina OdakuraItoha MukaiRiko EndoRika Ishimori.

Name: Miu Murayama (村山 美羽)
Age: 17 yo
Birthplace: Tokyo

In this vlog Miu Maruyama visits the place where the music video for “BAN” was filmed. She danced “BAN” a lot during the training and it was the first song to remember the choreography.

She likes to draw pictrues from her early age. She often went to the zoo with her family to draw pictures of animals. She loves the pattern of giraffe’s fur.

The oshi of Miu Maryama is Kira Masumoto.

She likes being with people who are older than her. She always spent time with older friends in the school.

She likes black clothes and wears them often. “If you see a person in black clothes in the street, it’s probably me.” She even would like to have a black colored pen light, but there’s unlikely such an option.

She also likes Rei Oozono.

Miu Maruyama drew a picture with the scene from “BAN” MV. The person in this picture is “someone who looks like me”.

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