Sakurazaka46 revealed the second 3rd gen member – Nagisa Kojima (小島 凪紗)

There's a lot of snow in Nagano!

The second video in a vlog style is published today after 3rd gen members teaser movie and Mio Matono introduction vlog in the previous days. This time the video is about Nagisa Kojima.

Name: Nagisa Kojima (小島凪紗)
Age: 17 yo
Birthplace: Nagano

Nagisa Kojima shows beatiful snowy scenery of Nagano in winter. In junior school she had a lot og snowball fights, but when she became a high school student such things went away.

Nagisa Kojima visited Zenkoji temple, which she visited often, especially before exams, because it’s believed that fumes of scents in the temple are improving how the head works. She also drew a fortune-telling note called omikuji, but it was just “half fortune” (半吉), so she left it in the special place in the temple, because it’s hard to tell if “half fortune” is good or bad.

She had a quick snack with mitarashi dango and oyaki.

In the end Nagisa Kojima demonstrates her skill of playing the piano which she learned from the kindergarten. She plays with a beatiful landscape of Nagano covered in snow in the background.

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