Sakurazaka46 revealed the seventh 3rd gen member – Rika Ishimori (石森 璃花)

The girl with a basketball

This video is a part of series by Sakurazaka46 presenting 3rd generation members. Watch previous videos here: 3rd generation teaser movieMio MatonoNagisa KojimaYuzuki NakashimaReina OdakuraItoha Mukai, Riko Endo.

Name: Rika Ishimori (石森 璃花)
Age: 20 yo
Birthplace: Gunma

Rika Ishimori played basketball in the school till junior high school.

Her hobby is cooking, so she cooks a dinner for her family. She also worked part-time at a small Italian restaurant and knows how to cook risotto and other Italian dishes. Her favorite food is miso soup and she thinks that if there were miso soup only she could live with that. The second place is tempura. And she also likes tsukemen.

Rika Ishimori worries about that she never learnt how to dance and her physique is rather weak even though she played basketball. It’s hard for her to imagine performing in front of fans, but she hopes to get stronger and to be able to contribute to the success of Sakurazaka46.

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