Sakurazaka46 revealed the sixth 3rd gen member – Riko Endo (遠藤 理子)

Dogs, drums and love to yourself

This video is a part of series by Sakurazaka46 presenting 3rd generation members. Watch previous videos here: 3rd generation teaser movieMio MatonoNagisa KojimaYuzuki NakashimaReina Odakura, Itoha Mukai.

Name: Riko Endo (遠藤 理子)
Age: 17 yo
Birthplace: Saitama

She loves dogs and went to shiba inu cafe to play with them. After that she also went for a walk with her own dog.

Riko Endo can play drums. She practiced Naze Koi wo Shitekonakatta Darou for a month and demonstrated her level in this video. At first she wasn’t sure if she will be able to master this song in one month and thought about changing it to something simpler. But she wanted to challenge herself, so she kept the song.

“I was a very quiet child. My friend at school always told me that I almost never laughed. But now I speak to other people and laugh much more. I want to become an idol, who will be respected and loved by other people with similar personality.”

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