Sakurazaka46 revealed the third 3rd gen member – Yuzuki Nakashima (中嶋 優月)

A sea town girl who cannot swim

Sakurazaka46 published another vlog style video of a new member. Watch previous videos here: 3rd generation teaser movie, Mio Matono, Nagisa Kojima.

This video’s member profile:

Name: Yuzuki Nakashima (中嶋 優月)
Age: 19 yo
Birthplace: Fukuoka

When she was a child Yuzuki Nakashima lived in a town at the sea which was full of the nature, so she loves the nature very much.

Her strong side is doing work that requires precision and attention like arranging hair or nails. But her weak point is games with a ball. She describes herself as not very athletic and she cannot swim.

When Yuzuki Nakashima thinks about her future as an idol she cannot see what she will become exactly, so she just tries to do her best with what lies in front of her. She says that she has a strong will and a serious personality. So she wants to become an idol who can be supported with gratitude.

“I think buddies love the current members at the moment. I want us 3rd generation members to strive for acceptance, so that buddies could say some day, that they are thankful that 3rd generation members joined Sakurazaka46″

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