Nogizaka46 published “Background Story Part 1” for 5th gen members

Short interviews with new Nogizaka46 members: Nagi Inoue, Miku Ichinose, Satsuki Sugiwara, Aya Ogawa

The video called “Nogizaka46 5th generation members Background Story Part1” (乃木坂46 5期生 Background Story Part1) was published on February 17, 2022 on the official group’s channel “Nogizaka Streaming Now” (乃木坂配信中).

This video consists of excerpts from the documentaries about new Nogizaka46 members. The full documentaries will be available on some editions of Nogizaka46 29th single which is to be released on March 23. Some members were too busy with studying so there’ll be no documentaries about them this time.

It features 4 memebers from the 5th generaion.

Nagi Inoue

Nagi Inoue (井上 和, 16 yo). Her name is written like 和 in Japanese and one of the meanings of this kanji is “Japan/Japanese”, so she was looking for some hobby or interest related to traditional Japanese culture. This lead her to kyuudo – Japanese archery.

Miku Ichinose

Miku Ichinose (一ノ瀬 美空, 18 yo). She was too embarassed to watch her own introduction video, but it was very beatiful. She tends to smile when she is embarassed. She is from Fukuoka and never had proper sightseeing in Tokyo, so in this video she visits Asakusa disctrict and even wears a pink kimono. When someone is looking at her with smile, she smiles back.

Satsuki Sugiwara

Satsuki Sugawara (菅原 咲月, 16 yo). She wants to become more confident when talking and smiling. She feels herself rather fragile and her mood swing easily. She doesn’t like her smiling face and when someone asks her to smile she does it like a chore. Her family moved from place to place a lot so she never could develop good relationship and every time she was forced to start from the beginning knowing nothing.

Aya Ogawa

Aya Ogawa (小川 彩, 14 yo). She is the youngest member of the 5th generation and she has never used cosmetics, so she is very happy that now she gets professional make up. Usually she only puts on hygienic lipstick. During rehearsals she imagines that she is standing on the stage.

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