Nogizaka46 published the music video “Kachi aru mono”

New MV by Nogizaka46

New music video by Nogizaka46 (乃木坂46) was published on the group’s official YouTubue channel on March 11, 2022. It’s a music video for a new song “Kachi aru mono” (価値あるもの, Things that have value).

MV for “Kachi aru mono” by Nogizaka46

It’s a coupling song for the 29th single “Actually” set to be released on March 23. This song is performed by a unit called “Shin Hana no 2001 Nen Gumi” (新・華の2001年組, New Unit of Flowers of 2001). This unit consists of 8 members who were born in 2001 and celebrated Coming of Age Day this year: Shiori Kubo (久保史緒里), Tamami Sakaguchi (阪口珠美), Reno Nakamura (中村麗乃), Sakura Endou (遠藤さくら), Haruka Kaki (賀喜遥香), Saya Kanagawa (金川紗耶), Yuuri Kitagawa (北川悠理), Rika Satou (佐藤璃果).

The whole music video was shot with green back, so members didn’t know how the final video would look like. The directo is Atsunori Toushi (東市篤憲), the same person who directed MVs for “Gomen ne Fingers Crossed” (ごめんねFingers crossed), “Toki no Wadachi” (歳月の轍), “Kimi ni Okuru Hana ga nai” (君に贈る花がない) and “Wilderness world”.

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