Nogizaka Star Tanjou will get the 2nd season in two weeks

This announcement was a surprise for the members too

Musical variety show Nogizaka Star Tanjou featuring Nogizaka46 4th generation members will get the 2nd season starting from October 12, 2021. This was announced at the end of the episode aired this week on Monday to Tuesday night, September 27.

The fact of renewal of the show for another season was a surprise for the members. They knew that the episode this week should become the last episode of the show. After the musical numbers several members shared their thoughts and feelings of gratitude towards the programme staff and the comic duet Pekopa (ペコパ) who served as the hosts of the show for about half a year.

“Thanks to you, I always thought that I should do my best”, said Nogizaka46 4th gen member Nao Yumiki (弓木奈於) with tears in her eyes, “Even when my jokes missed the point you were always there to kindly help me with your laugh. The atmosphere was really warm. I think there are a lot of other members for whom you became such a support too.” After all these touching and full of meaning words Nao Yumiki added, “From now on, will you two become our… fathers?!” Well, this is what you expect from Yumiki! Everyone laughed and Pekopa’s Shupei noted that there’s no enough difference between ages of the Nogizaka members and the Pekopa duo.

Nao Yumiki asks Pekopa comedy duet to become the fathers of Nogizaka46 4th gen members

After that the show proceeded to the ending song. It sounded a little bit different this time, maybe beacause Nogizaka members felt down in anticipation of parting the ways. At the end of the song Pekopa’s Shupei and Shouinji said to the camera, “Bye-bye! See you again the week after the next!

The members were startled. “What does it mean?” Shouinji explained that the week after the next means the week that will begin after whe next week ends. Obviously, that’s not what the Nogizaka members asked about.

Haruka Kaki and Sakura Endo still can’t process what just happened
Runa Hayashi shed tears overwhelmed with the feelings

And so, the second season of Nogizaka Star Tanjou was announced.

There will be two main differences to the first season.

  1. The stars of the past will personally teach the Nogizaka members how to perform their songs. It will be Pink Lady’s Mie in the first episode of the second season. She will guide Runa Hayashi (林瑠奈) and Rika Satou (佐藤璃果).
  2. The new season will feature not only 4th gen members but older Nogizaka members as well. The guest member in the first episode will be Hina Higuchi (樋口日奈, 1st gen).

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