Nogizaka46 published “Background Story Part 2” for 5th gen members

Short interviews with new Nogizaka46 members: Nao Tomisato, Iroha Okuda, Aruno Nakanishi, Mao Ioki

The video called “Nogizaka46 5th generation members Background Story Part2” (乃木坂46 5期生 Background Story Part1) was published on February 18, 2022 on the official group’s channel “Nogizaka Streaming Now” (乃木坂配信中).

This video consists of excerpts from the documentaries about new Nogizaka46 members. The full documentaries will be available on some editions of Nogizaka46 29th single which is to be released on March 23. Some members were too busy with studying so there’ll be no documentaries about them this time.

It features another 4 memebers from the 5th generaion. See the first part here.

Nao Tomisato

Nao Tomisato (冨里 奈央, 15 yo). Her favorite food – strawberry. Her charm point is her cheeks, people say that she looks like a hamster and often touch her face. She has one younger sister. She went to auditions because she wanted to change, to find new herself and to experience new surroundings. Idols do many things that one do not experience when living a normal life, so she wants to speak with senior members a lot and want to find among them someone she could respect.

Iroha Okuda

Iroha Okuda (奥田 いろは, 16 yo). She started to notice that remembering moves during the dance lessons becomes more and more easier for her. She has loved guitar from young age, because her father played it. Even when she didn’t know how to play, it was fun just to stroke strings. But she started to learn how to play guitar seriously in the middle school. She loves guitar and wants to express with this beloved thing her gratitude to her beloved people. Full documentary will include her confession to her former teacher.

Aruno Nakanishi

Aruno Nakanishi (中西 アルノ, 18 yo). She visited her grandmother and grandfather who are libing in Kouchi Prefecture, every year, but this time she wasn’t able to due auditions and joining Nogizaka46. She has sent a video letter of gratitude to them.

Mao Ioki

Mao Ioki (五百城 茉央, 16 yo). She is from Hyogo Prefecture and passing auditions means that she moves to Tokyo, so her documentary is dedicated to a trip to her homeland. She hasn’t realized yet that she will be departed from these places, but she wants to know how she will feel when returning home after long time. She loves singing and want to express something with her voice.

The video ends with words “These girls were moving on their own paths until now. From this moment they start building a background they share with each other”.

The first introduction event will take place online on February 23 on Nogizaka Streaming Now YouTube channel during “Nogizaka 46 Hours TV”.

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